Top 15 Best Websites For Learning PHP Programing in 2018

We are going to tell you the top 15 Best Websites To Learn PHP Programming. These websites will be very helpful to you and you will learn new things daily by just sitting at your home.

Did you know PHP is a widely used programming language for creating dynamic sites and web applications? Many powerful platforms such as WordPress, Wikipedia, Facebook, Flickr and several popular websites are also using PHP.
Many people desire to learn to code, but due to busy life schedule, they are incapable of going somewhere and money. So you can learn PHP programing by the websites.
The one thing that individuals don’t recognize is about coding PHP, or some other programming language is that it is really easy to train yourself. One doesn’t particularly need to spend a large amount of money or visit any tech school for certifications.
So, we have gathered here a list of 15 best websites to learn PHP programming. Even if you already know the fundamentals of PHP, these sites will help you to upgrade your skillset.
Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or pro, these under given online sites will surely help you to develop your skills more. These are the best PHP tutorials for beginners to advanced level programmers.

1. PHP Manual

The official PHP manual is the comprehensive guide to PHP programming. It is one of the best PHP tutorials for beginners. It nearly includes everything from basics to the implementation of security and other PHP functions. Though the manual is not that interactive or attractive but it is the best guide out there. Plus the simple structure and layout make it remarkably accessible via mobile devices — so you can read a lot of the content while you’re on-the-go.
Price: Free

2. Codecourse

Formerly known as PHP Academy, Codecourse contains highly descriptive content. The tutorial is not only limited to PHP but also teach other web development tools and languages. So if you are a beginner and starting with PHP, this tutorial is the perfect match for you. Their tutorials are available on their official site as well as on YouTube.
Price: Basic- Free, Premium- Monthly($7) and Yearly($79)

3. Killer PHP

This Killer PHP tutorial is specifically for the videos. It’s a hands-on tutorial.. Every section of the tutorial has a complimentary video in the end though not that which you will call of a high-caliber. Their blogs are very well written and explain the concepts in a very basic way which makes it easier for students from non-technical backgrounds to grasp and learn.
Price: free

4. PHP 101

As the name implies, PHP 101 is designed with “the absolute beginner” in mind. If you’re just starting out with PHP and you prefer to learn by example, this is a great place to go. The site offers a series of entertaining and useful tutorials written by none other than Vikram Vaswani — founder and CEO of Melonfire. The content is clear, concise and extremely easy to understand especially for coding newbies. Once you complete the entire tutorial, you’ll move on to creating a simple RSS news aggregator via PHP. The only downside to this site is that there aren’t many screenshots to reference, so you’ll have to learn the appearance of PHP code all by your lonesome — which isn’t necessarily a deal breaker.
Price: free

5. Site Point

SitePoint takes a more modern approach with their guides and tutorials, which are offered in an article like format. It’s great for any skill level, but intermediate and expert coders will find is useful for staying up-to-date with current PHP trends.
Price: free

Sitepoint PHP learning

6. PHP Tutorial by Tizag

This resource is ideal as PHP reference material and largely focuses on the definition of PHP, commands, and methods for using them. In that respect, it’s not what you’ll want to turn to when it comes to actually apply those commands or using them in the real world. Instead, it serves as a direct reference — similar to a textbook. Keep it bookmarked though, because you will eventually need it especially when you dive into practical coding.
Price: free

7. PHP Tutorial by W3CSchool

The guide PHP Tutorial by W3CSchool is similar to PHP Tutorial by Tizag. The whole style and presentation is almost identical. But that doesn’t mean the guide is useless. In fact it can be used as a reference. This online guide is free to learn and also offers certification that costs around 95$.
Price: Free, But if you need certification, that costs $95

8. Udemy

Another one on similar lines, Udemy also offers courses by experts on their area of expertise and students can purchase those courses and benefit from them. Again, it is not free, and if you are not willing to pay for learning PHP, this is probably not the option that you are looking for.
Price: $19

udemy php learning

9. Academy

The perfect online site for visual learners to see the coding and result live. The PHP Academy YouTube channel is a great platform for those who are looking for something specific in PHP. The best part about the site is that its content gets updated not daily but weekly.
Price: free

10. Hacking With PHP

Hacking With PHP is one of the best PHP tutorials for beginners. It comprises of several chapters breaking down into separate topics and components. It is giving an overview of the language with a brief introduction and some practical exercises with added links to resources. Hacking with PHP is the best website to learn PHP online and its content is to the point and particular.
Price: Free

11. Develop PHP

The Develop PHP site consists a variety of online PHP tutorials for beginners to intermediate and even for the advanced level. The videos are basically hosted via YouTube and embedded on the site, but the develop PHP site provides an easier and organized way to pull up any course.
Price: free

12. Learn PHP Tutorial

Learn PHP Tutorial is one of the best PHP tutorials for beginners. It offers a list of downloadable videos that train you through the fundamentals of PHP. It’s preferable for beginners, and it gives a more visual guide. You’ll learn PHP, as well as realize what you can do with it through examples and best practices.
Price: Free

13. PHPJabbers

PHPJabbers is a masterpiece for an intermediate to advanced programmers. It includes a lot of specific guides for intermediate to advanced level PHP programmers. It is the best website for learning PHP programming. It will assist in learning and create a PHP calendar to set up a custom Captcha system.
Price: Free

14. TutorialsPoint PHP

Like other tutorials, TutorialsPoint PHP has a whole entire section dedicated only to PHP programming with guides and lessons ideal for beginners and intermediate levels. The tutorial even also offers an ebook for free download as a PDF file.
Price: free

15. PHP Video Tutorials

This site offers PHP online tutorial with the minimum length of 6 to 22 mins, depending on the chapter. Comparing with the other online tutorial, the site may lack in some ways for teaching PHP development, but still a worthy one for beginners.
Price: free


Well, We hope you will able to find at least one resource to get you start learning PHP programming. These sites will assist you to get a better knowledge and improve your essential PHP skills. In case you think we missed any other great resources, let us know in the comments.

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