How to Put Animated Text on an HTML Web Page

Have you ever seen text that moves, sparkles, glitters or otherwise features some type of movement? That text is known as animated text, and it is extremely popular on personal websites and social networking profiles. Have you ever wondered how those people got that animated text on their web pages? It is a relatively simple coding process that consists of employing the image code inside an HTML web page. With the proper code, you can easily put animated text on an HTML web page so that you can have a fun page too.
Things You’ll Need
Animated text graphic
Photo hosting account
HTML web page
Step 1
Upload your animated text graphic to a photo hosting account; if you don’t already have one, you can create a free photo hosting account by inputting your email address into a photo hosting account sign up form and selecting a username and password with which to login to your photo hosting account.
Step 2
Open your HTML web page in Notepad to reveal the HTML codes that comprise your HTML web page, and then copy and paste the url to your animated text graphic into a code comprised of the less than sign followed by img src followed by the equal sign followed by “url” (make sure you put the url in quotation marks) followed by a forward slash followed by the greater than sign. Find the url by simply clicking on your animated text graphic inside your photo hosting account and then copying the url from the address bar at the top of the page.
Step 3
Copy and paste the image code into the place within your HTML code where you would like the animated text to appear, and then save the changes you made to your HTML file to save your animated text on the HTML web page.
Open your HTML web page in your Internet browser to check to see if your animated text shows up on the HTML web page; if it does not appear on the page, double check the image code to ensure that it is written exactly as appears above.
Beware of incorrectly writing the image code, for one mistake, such as one missing quotation mark or one wrong letter sequence, will cause the code to not work properly and your animated text graphic not to show up on your HTML web page.

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