How to Make a Form Without HTML

Forms offer a unique opportunity to webmasters by allowing them to communicate and gather information from their readers. For example if you want to work the bugs out of your website you could setup a form on your website allowing your readers to send you complaints then you take those complaints about your website and fix them therefore advancing your website. Though setting up forms requires advanced HTML skills that can be hard and agonizing to learn, but there is a way around that by using the following method.
1. Open your internet browser and go to
2. Once there make yourself a free account.
3. Now that you have an accounts go to your control panel.
4. In the control panel click the link that says “Create a New Form”.
5. Once you have clicked the link a window well pop up with several different fields to fill to fill in.
• The first one being the one where you name your form.
• The second one being recipients email this the email the form info well be sent to.
• The third one being the spam email address this being the email were the spam form submissions well be sent.
• The fourth one being the thank you page this is the place the people who are filling out the form well be sent to once they have finished filling out the form.
• The fifth one being the number of fields
6. After filling out all those fields click next. This well bring you to a window that will allow you to edit all your fields in your form. To do this you need to name all of your fields for example I want to make a form that will allow my readers to give me there name and there email. So I well name my fields “Name and Email Address”. Then you need to decide what type of field each field well be most likely your field type well be a short text one line only field. After that you need to decide which fields are required to be filled out. Now you are you are done with this page you can click next.
7. In this window you well decide the size of the fields then press next.
8. Then on this page you well need to customize your fields with several different options like color the color of text in your fields.9. Then after clicking finish retrieve the html code for your form and post that on your website.

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